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Friday 6 March 2015

Jack Meets Eddy


Harvest 90 Brambleberries
Completely Tend 2 Eddy's Help Requests (Any type)
Harvest 30 Heather


2 Red Cactii, Rain Cloud, Crop Whisperer

Comes from:

Jack Meets Tess


Jack Meets Ted's Dad

Notes: Help Requests are found by searching for work in Eddy's Farmhouse with Farming Tools which are crafted. They are tended with 10 Farmer's Intuition which is crafted.

Each Tools requires 3 Play Rakes (Rubberroot Dandelions) and 4 Play Shovels (Wall Post)

Each Intuition requires 2 Farmer's Almanac (Cauliflower) and 3 Trick Knees (Wall Post)