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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Turkey Lurkey


Craft 8 Indian Expansion Maps
Craft 8 Turkey Carts
Tend Great White Turkeys 24 Times


Aged Salmon, Pheromone Boost, Milk Crate

Comes from:

Great White Meat


Yer Goose is Cooked

Notes: Maps and Carts are crafted. Great White Turkeys drop from the Thanksgiving Feast, Cherokee Tomato, Brussel Sprouts, Recycle Bins, Grog, Bamboo, Indian Paintbrush and Debris. They're healed with 10 Fowlcatchers which are crafted.

Each Map requires 6 Ink Pens (Wall Post), 9 Map Paper (Reeds) and 6 Map Tube (Direct Request)

Each Cart requires 3 Cart Boards (Pine Tree) and 3 Runt Wheels (Direct Request)

Each Fowlcatcher requires 2 Prop Sticks (Cherokee Tomato) and 3 Milk Crates (Wall Post)