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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pet Rat


Tend Cursed Sheep 20 times
Craft 7 Rat Leashes
Fully Tend 2 Spooky Furnaces


2 Ghostly Candy Apples, Smoked Ham, Random Reward

Notes: Cursed Sheep was a previous premium animal and now mission reward. Rat Leashes are crafted. Spooky Furnaces are tended with 13 Log Pokers which are crafted.

Each Leash requires 8 Thin Straps (Mini Pumpkins), 12 Metal Buckles (Wall Post) and 8 Walkin' Chains (Direct Request).

Each Poker requires 2 Ghost Huntin' Tools (Winter Cherry Lantern) and 3 Steel Spikes (Wall Post)