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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Solo Date


Send 8 Perfect Date Packs
Set the Solo Date Table (fully heal) 6 Times
Harvest 30 Jasmine


Rawhide Gloves, 200 Bachelorette Dandelions, Wilderness Juice

Notes: Perfect Date Packs are crafted and become Pheremoned Flowers when received. Each Date Table is healed with 8 Extra Charms (Pheremoned Flowers count as 4 tends).

Each Date Pack requires 12 French Wine (Compost Pile), 8 Frontier Caviar (Wall Post) and 9 Snuggly Blankets (Direct Request)

Each Extra Charm requires 3 Teeth Whitener (Spearmint) and 2 Hair Mousse (Wall Post)