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Thursday, 12 June 2014

I Beg Your Pardon


Complete Missions 7 or 8 Six Times (Combined)
Use Vetoes or Pardons 25 Times
Send 25 National Influence to Neighbours


Animal Vaccine, 2 Warehouse Storage, 3 Gallery Storage

Comes From:

Mr. Jack Goes to Washington

Notes: You can complete whatever combination of 7 and 8 that you like. Vetoes and Pardons are used on old missions or selected missions in this thread. National Influence is crafted and sent to neighbours where it becomes a Political Influence Boost.

PLEASE NOTE: Vetoes and Pardons done before the wrapper arrives WILL count so you can use them before completing Wrapper 1.

National Influence is crafted with 2 Local Influence (crafted) and 2 Jack Leadership (mission reward and drops when finishing an Angry Mob)