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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Clash of the Titans

[This mission is part of the Sissy Vs Steel Thread]


Craft 8 Trueshot Bullets
Harvest 16 Trigger Plants
Tend a Rowdy Wrangler Stunt 10 times


3 Trigger Plants, Early Bird Boost, 2 Training Lassos

Comes from:

Nerves of Steele


Dirty Amy

Notes: Trueshot Bullets are Crafted. Trigger Plants are a Free Gift. Rowdy Wranglers can drop from Quick Draw Stunts and are tended with 6 Perfect Stuntwork.

Each Bullet requires 6 Fine Gunpowder (Silver Vein), 9 Smooth Cases (Wall Post) and 6 Precise Slugs (Direct Request)

Each Stuntwork requires 3 Strength To The Finish (Spinach) and 3 Itchy Trigger Fingers (Wall Post)