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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Big Bullies

[This mission is part of the Runts Vs Dreadnoughts Thread]


Craft 10 Pony Splints
Collect 12 Pony Resolve
Tend a Superb Runt 32 Times


3 Runt Plantain, Animal Edibles, Minihorse Runt

Comes from:

The Best of the Littlest


Rescue Runts

Notes: Pony Splints are crafted. Pony Resolve drops from Ginko Trees. Superb Runts are in the Market and are fed with 34 Runt-Aid.

Each Splint requires 6 Sterile Cloth (Adult Standard Sheep) and 4 Sturdy Supports (Direct Request)

Each Runt-Aid requires 2 Powdered Electrolytes (Wild Oats) and 3 Power Water (Wall Post)