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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Historical Snowmen

Please Note: This is a Timed mission and must be completed in 10 days from start.

Please Note two: We believe it is possible to heal the Snowmen BEFORE the mission is active meaning it won't be so pressured to find them inside 10 days. All items will drop from the crops PRIOR to starting it, as long as you have the icon on your screen.


Heal One Medieval Snowman
Tend a Jester Snowman 5 Times
Tend a Pharoah Snowman 5 Times


10 Horseshoes, Snowy Ground (New Design), Ice Block (10 Extra Stuffed Bear Storage).

Notes: Snowmen all come in a chain of healables... are we sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin, and feel free to make note, there will be a test later.

1) We start with a Great Snowball. That's tended 4 times with Packing Snow (Snowball Piles)

2) That then becomes a Bare Snowman that we tend 8 Times with Snow Features (Crafted)

Each Feature requires 2 Carrot Noses (Baby Carrots) and 2 Coal Buttons (Wall Post)

3) That becomes either a Medieval or Ancient Snowman. Those are each tended 5 times with Snow History (Crafted)

Each History requires 3 Sturdy Covers (Hide Prepping Stations), 3 Ragged Encyclopedias (Direct Request) and 4 Tacky Clothing (Wall Post).

4) Medieval Snowmen become Italian, Knight or Jester Snowmen.

Ancient Snowmen become Cave, Athena or Pharaoh Snowmen.