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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Take Me To The Candy Shop

[This mission is the wrapper for the Terrifying Town mini-series]


Craft two Quick Licorice Boosts
Complete all three Terrifying Town missions
Gather 60 Sweet Treats


Spooky Cabinet, Spooky Pumpkin, Spooky Crate

Notes: Licorice Boosts are crafted in the Candy Shop. Sweet Treats drop from Marshmallow, Candy Corn, Cotton Candy, Gumdrop and Spearmint Crops.

Each Licorice Boost requires 4 Undead Sweeties (Mist Generator, Suspicious Tombstone, Transformed Animals or Licorice Crop), 24 Bright Sprinkles (Wall Post) and 4 Monster Whips (Candy Crate, Mist Generators, Transformed Animals, Suspicious Tombstone and Licorice Crops)