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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fangs and Fur

[This mission is part of the Terrifying Town mini-series]


Fully Demistify two Mist Generators
Gather 25 Blood Packs
Craft 6 Werewolf Houses


Paw Paw Tree, Vampire Potion, Monster Whip

Notes: Mist Generators each take 13 Demisters which are crafted. Blood Packs drop from Beets. Werewolf Houses are Crafted.

Each Demister requires 2 Air Bladders (Cows) and 2 Narrow Nozzles (Wall Post).

Each House requires 4 Heavy Beams (Oak Trees), 10 Roofing Shingles (Direct Request) and 6 Heavy Chains (Wall Post)