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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Please Note: This mission arrives on Monday 17th June


Collect Bonus from all 9 Dinosaur Exhibits
Hatch the three Dinosaurs from Fossilized Eggs
Craft 15 Diggin Gloves


Dinosaur Costume, 25 Horseshoes, Greenhouse Expansion

Comes from:

Level 23

Notes: Dinosaur Exhibits come from the Bone Crate which is the reward for turning in the Dino Bones Collection. Fossilized Eggs are healed with 10 Rock Heaters which are crafted from 2 Rough Kindling (Granny's Ovens) and 2 Circular Stones (Wall Post).

Diggin Gloves are crafted from 5 Padded Cloth (Adult Standard Sheep) and 6 Wide Scrunchies (Wall Post)