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Monday, 28 January 2013

Land Lovin'


Tend 8 Shaggy Llamas
Craft 12 Border Fences
Collect 4 Land Office Daily Bonuses


2 Horses, Tough Hand Tonic, Front Deck

Comes from:

Bear Essentials


Lookin' Ahead

Notes: You received a Llama from the previous mission and may have some in your Animal Hospital. Fences are crafted. Once the mission is complete you must go inside the Land Office (in the Emporium if stored) and buy the land expansion with 10 Land Grants which are crafted with cloth and coins.

Each Fence requires 2 Crushed Gravel (Sieve Stations), 8 Sticky Swampwater (Wall Post) and 7 Fence Boards (Direct Request)