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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Winter Chill

[Please Note: This is a timed mission, once it's started you have 14 days to complete it.] 


Use 5 Snowflake Patterns
Craft 2 Finished Windows
Harvest 40 Cocoa Trees


1'500XP, 2 Quilting Mystery Collections, 1 Wilderness Juice

Notes: Snowflake Patterns are unlocked and must be used on a STITCHED quilt to count. Windows are crafted.

Snowflake Patterns require 3 Snowflake Patterns (Holly/Snow Piles) and 4 PAtch Backing (Wall Post)

Each Window requires 10 Window Glass (Rocks), 10 Window Frames (Wall Request) and 8 Wooden Shims (Direct Request)